How do I prepare my face before I shave?

You’ve got options! We do strong recommend you shave after showering, but you are the boss after all. First tip: begin by washing and massaging your face, making circular motions with your hands. Hot water is your precious ally during shaving time. It will assist you in softening your hair follicles and cleaning the pores.

How do I apply a gel or cream? Which one should I use?

While we tend to lean toward a gel, it’s really up to you to decide which you prefer. Using your palm, applying the product using a circular motion and beginning at the neck, and in the opposite sense hair is growing. You should feel a bit of resistance. Wait a few minutes to let your hairs soften, and then get on with it!

Why should I treat my skin after shaving?

It’s quite simple! Shaving can provoke sensations of dryness and tautness, especially in certain sensitive areas. It is therefore essential to hydrate the skin after shaving in order to avoid these unpleasant little discomforts. Shaving, and even the simple use of skin care products, can incite skin irritation. You can use an emollient cream to help reduce redness.

How do I hydrate my face properly after shaving?

You can rely on after-shave balms or lotions, but never ones containing alcohol, especially if you are someone with sensitive skin. If your skin tends to become irritated easily, there are specific gels designed for each skin type that can be quite helpful.

How can I get off to a good start when I shave?

Before beginning, use your hand to examine and understand where your hair follicles are implanted in your face. They tend to have a habit of growing in different direction. It’s important to here note that it is imperative to shave with the grain of the hair, meaning in the same direction in which it grows. In doing so, be sure not to apply too much pressure to the skin, using the following method and measure:  small, controlled movements will get you much farther than large, vaguely-aimed ones.

What do I need for a good shaving experience?

Firstly, hot water, which softens the hair. Next, a good razor grip: hold the handle firmly in your hand.  Use the other to lightly stretch your skin. Next, you’ll need a good gel or cream to use — remember that over lathering is not required!  Finally, you’ll also need to respect the direction in which your hair grows without applying too much pressure. When you’re all done, rince your face with water and remove moisture with a dry towel.

How can I avoid little cuts or irritations while shaving?

It’s all a matter of preparation and materials. If your skin is dry, you run the risk of nicks and cuts. Use a cleansing gel or mild exfoliant to help avoid this. If you’re short on time, gently washing your face with hot water is a good first step.

It’s time to talk shop. Changing used blades is crucial for a close and comfortable shave. As per your shaving method: we know you’re a man, you don’t have to press hard to prove it!

How long do my blades last?

Good question! Let’s use a metaphor to crystallize the concept. Do you prefer mouldy or freshly baked bread? A confortable couch or a collapsing one? Okay, we’re getting a little carried away, but do take this subject seriously. Let’s bring it down to math. The frequency at which you need to change your blades depends on how often you shave, in addition to how comfortable a shave you prefer. If you’re resorting to applying more pressure to achieve a decent shave, it’s time to bring on that fresh blade!

Can I use my razor on other parts of my body?

But of course. Your razor can shave other areas of the body: arms, torso, legs, back, or pubic area. The rules of shaving remain unchanged regardless of the zone: shave in the same direction in which your hair grows! You can find other information on how to shave different areas of your body on this blog and website. Always rinse your razor well with hot water each time after you’ve used it, letting it rid itself of moisture in a dry place.

How do I use shave my armpits?

The ideal time for shaving under your arms is while you are in the shower, after you have applied a good shaving foam or gel.

Grab your razor, and gently pull skin tight to avoid any small nicks or cuts and missing any hairs as you go. Hair under the arms may grow in various directions, so you’ll actually need to shave with and against it. Wait a few minutes before applying an antiperspirant or deodorant to help reduce the risk of irritation.

How do I shave my torso?

It all really depends on how hairy you are.  If you have quite a bit of chest hair, you may need to use a trimmer first. Otherwise, your BIC SHAVE CLUB razor will do the job.

Next, it’s time to hit the shower! Get just wet enough, and then dry off your chest so as not to have too much water rinse off the shaving foam or gel you will be applying next.

Shave from bottom to top, stretching the skin well as you go along. Be sure to treat sensitive areas gently! Once this first step is complete, shave horizontally from the middle toward the exterior.

Hydrate your shaven chest with a treating cream.

How do I shave my head?

Mother nature regrettably did not make us all equal, and perhaps this is why you’re here. Firstly, you should cut your trim your hair as short as possible, aiming for an equal surface all over. Next, prepare your skin by washing it with hot water. You can then apply the foam or gel.

Shave in the direction your hair grows in, taking care not to apply too much pressure. Unlike your face, your head is not accustomed to being shaved. Avoid intense movement, shaving in small, disciplined lines to considerably reduce the risk of nicks and cuts. For finishing touches and to ensure you havent forgotten anything, ask a friend or family to cast an eye.

Complete the task by applying a hydrating cream to the area.


How do I shave my back?

A good shower, some foam or gel, and then what? Quite frankly, the best idea is to ask someone to lend a hand as certain areas are indeed quite difficult to shave.

How do I shave my groin and pubic area? 

It’s a tad taboo of a topic, but the statistics tell us that, without quite being a trend, the question is coming about more and more frequently.

We could use a metaphor and tell you the story of the squirrel and his nuts, but we decided to be clear with you instead. Firstly, why would one want to shave this region of the body? While some speak of hygiene, it certainly has its aesthetic side. Whether its done frequently or on occasion, certain precautions should be considered.

Tip n°1 : exfoliate the area for a good preparation.

Conseil n°2 : apply a shaving foam or gel.

Conseil n°3 : be gentle, shaving in the direction the hair grows. Watch out for the small fold of the groin as you go!

And, it goes without saying that fresh blades are always more effective for approaching this area.

How do I shave if I suffer from acne?

It is first essential to determine whether your acne is mild or severe. If you have large pimples on your face, it’s better to go easy on shaving. Our best advice is to see a dermatologist you trust.

If your acne is on the lighter side, we recommend properly preparing your face with a special special acne skin soap, rinsing it off gently but well. Next, use a shaving gel specially developed for acne skin — one that isunscented and non-comedogenic is recommended.

Wait a few minutes before delicately shaving without applying pressure to the razor. When you have finished shaving, rinse well. A lotion developed for acne-prone skin that helps rid bacteria can be helpful.

Don’t forget that hydration is just as important after you shave. In the case of acne-affected skin, a neutral hydrating lotion specially developed for skin with acne is advised.

To sum up: use a special soap to clean and rinse well with hot water to prepare skin, a shaving gel specially developed for skin with acne, and a soft and gentle shave.

How do I shave if I have pimples?

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it! You simply cannot shave and wait for your skin to settle down If you absolutely insist on shaving at least partially, use a shaving foam to help you navigate the area better as you go along! It will provide better coverage and also give you a more precise shave. And, do be gentle and avoid the pimpled areas.

I have sensitive skin: how do I shave?

If your skin in sensitive and prone to irritation, go for a gentle shave!

Always think of using fresh blades: they will bring you true comfort. Choose a gel created specially for sensitive skin so as not to risk dehydrating skin. And, follow the shaving advice provided in the How to Shave Your Face!

In your case, if you are careful to consider changing to fresh blades often, you’ll also avoid having to shave over the same area.