Us men can be quite the curious of beasts! The first hair falls and its a catastrophe; a wrinkle appears above the eyebrow, and we’re shouting about that it’s just all over! All of this considered, when it comes to shaving and razor blades, we have somehow remained quite the cavemen.

Firstly, we have somehow acquired the bad habit of using each blade to its last breathe, until it begins to cause us literal pain, as if we had to suffer to look good or savagely attack the first vison we saw coming.

On the hygiene side of shaving, it’s quite the same. Clearly, we don’t know much about the beauty practices of our distant cousins, but you can certainly doubt shaving rituals ranked high on the hygiene scale.

Thus, on the razor blade side of things, it seems we’ve remained partially prehistoric.

We all leave our blades in humid areas, or even messy ones: by the edge of the sink, in the dusty medicine cabinet or any other lovely area where bacteria like to multiply.

And, surprise! When it comes to the topics of rinsing and washing, it’s often the same scenario. To say that we can be neglectful in this sense or even that we dismiss it completely stands truer than true (of course, there are certainly exceptions amongst us!).

Let’s draw a parallel to better understand the topic: would you think to immediately wash a knife you’ve just used? The answer is that you most likely would not. On the contrary, you’ll probably toss it into the sink and let it sit around for a while before you wash it or place it in the dishwasher, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

It’s the same story with razor blades: shaving with hot water, storing in a dry place, never drying and above all, thinking to frequently replace them for better hygiene and cleanliness. Because, after all, your razor blade is a relatively intimate tool that comes into direct contact with your skin.

You should also here remember to shake off your prehistoric past: you are not slaughtering a wild calf when you clean your razor blade. It is thus useless to tap it over and over onto the side of the sink-  rinsing it in hot water is more than enough!

We hope you’ve learned something here today. Do leave us your questions and we’ll be sure to get back to you.