That’s a wrap, folks. That blurred month between the summer holiday and back-to-school period is officially over. And with it comes its good resolutions, like that time you publicly proclaimed you’d take running to heart once and for all.

You’ve planned to work running into your schedule for years, but there’s just one catch —  running just isn’t your thing. Each time you’ve tried a different entry strategy, you’ve somehow quit. Hey, at least you haven’t quit at quitting, right? Well, enough is enough. It’s time to roll up those sleeves, tie up those laces and hit the ground running (literally). And, lucky lad, you can count on us to support you each step of the way with some simple tips to help you see more in the road.



Before all else, one must begin with good preparation. Without the right amount of proper planning you risk ruining all of your subsequent efforts.

First of all, suit up like you mean it. There is no sense in investing in running shoes that will need to be replaced in just a few kilometres, so do your research before wisely selecting the right pair. For instance, a thick-soled shoe is essential for absorbing shock and preserving your joints.

Never run on a full stomach — or an empty one for that matter! It’s common to fit a run in after breakfast or even before…. ideally, you should be having a light meal that leaves you 2 hours to digest before connecting with the concrete.



Motivated and full of good intentions, we often tend to kick-off our running regime too aggressively. Before you know it, your hands on your hip, and you’re running earlier than planned back home without any intention to get back at it the next day.

Remember, you own rhythm is the only right one. Enjoy a slow pace while you can — you’ve got all the time in the world to speed up later, whether toward the end of your run or during your next one. Slow and steady wins the race!

Oh, and do remember to breathe. Although breathing is a natural reflex we don’t typically think about, you may need to remember to come up for air while you are running. Think about your breath, namely breathing deeply through the mouth.



There is nothing worse than being bored while running. It also is just about the opposite of motivation for returning to the road.

If your breath can follow, try chatting with a friend while you run. This said, if your breath doesn’t let you, don’t force it. If you can’t, (and hey, most of us can’t!), make a playlist that gets you going. Music playlists are a massive help in keeping you motivated to move. Be careful not to get too excited by the music and run too fast to the beat, however, at the risk of hurting yourself.

Running outside is also a great way to stay motivated, being far more dynamic than running on a moving carpet.



Be kind to your efforts by adopting the right reflexes from the get-go. Start with walking. Yes, we’ve been on the topic of running until now, but we promise you, walking for 5 minutes after a brisk run has its ample advantages. Beyond relaxing your muscles, it also prevents your legs from tightening up.

Stretch well and drink lots of water to avoid cramping. Oh, and it’s a terrible excuse not to return to the road for 2 weeks due to catty cramping — you might as well expect to never return at all if you do succumb to the soreness and take a 2 week leave.

You can also treat yourself in terms of what you eat, albeit reasonably so as not to ruin your efforts. Your muscles need protein to recover from the run, so be selective in your choices and pick something that pleases your palette.

Now that you’ve worked up a sweet, grab yourself a shower, a good shave and feel like a brand new man – and a relaxed and reinvigorated man to boot!

If you follow this route, you’re sure to run back for more.