Christmas is behind us, and a new year is upon us. It’s likely you spent hours at the dinner table. After the champagne, the nibblies, the cakes and the biscuits, it may seem that the turkey isn’t the only one stuffed at your house. To get back on track, feast your eyes on the simple tips below. You can even go for seconds 😉


1/ Back Away From the Leftovers

The problem with holiday meals is that once they are eaten, there tend to be leftovers that can last for days. Combined with all the sweets received as gifts, beating the bulge after the holidays can be quite the challenge. You had best take our advice and lose the habit before it forms and drop that gravy bowl, mate! We can assure that it will be much happier to see you at the next holiday dinner.


Try freezing leftovers to avoid grazing throughout the day. Saucy dishes keep well when frozen, and are convenient to have on hand for those inevitable occasions when you don’t have the will or the time to cook.


2/ Chug Water Not Wine

During the holidays, we tend to consume more alcohol than we might otherwise. It thus follows that our dear liver is in a good bit of stress once we have welcomed in the New Year. With dreadful hangovers, loss of appetite (or at least loss of appetite for anything remotely green) is common. Since you’re bringing in less minerals and water from food, you’ll need to compensate by drinking loads of water. Think about hydrating yourself before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning to help deal with the after effects of alcohol consumption.


3/ Tea with Lemon

After drinking water like the good lad you are, think about drinking even more, like a green tea! A natural diuretic, it facilitates the elimination of toxins and cleansing of your digestive tracts. Lemon helps you to manage difficult mornings after a night out at the pub. Squeeze an entire lemon into a mug of hot water, and give it a mix! Rich in Vitamin C, it will also give your immune system a boost.


4/ Fruits and Veggies

It’s obvious. The day after you’ve hit the town, it’s best to consume light fare, like easily digestible vegetables. Soup is a perfect meal idea, since it combines water with vegetables! Nourish yourself through hydration, hydrate yourself through nourishment! Of course, it is all up to you, but soup is a serious win-win!


5/ Move It, Mate!

It’s typical to want to do nothing the day after the holiday hullabaloo. Streaming films under a cozy plaid blanket with a steaming mug of tea sounds like the perfect remedy. Well, mates, we’re sorry to tell you that while lazing around may feel like the answer, it isn’t. It is important to get a wee bit active to reboot your system, so lace up those shoes and get going! A little jog will certainly get you going, but if you’re not the sporty type, a thirty-minute stroll is entirely sufficient for promoting the elimination of toxins.


And, if ever you feel like taking a nap, go for it mate! Succumb to your sleepiness, but do set an alarm to avoid throwing off your sleep cycle. 20 to 30 minutes is all you need to recharge your batteries for enjoying the rest of your day.

With all this considered, you’re well on your way to starting off the New Year on the right foot! On your marks, get set, go!