It’s amazing how certain legendary ‘tashes stick in the memory! Whether sporting a luxuriant bush or a pencil-thin line, carefully twirled handlebars or a droopy badass biker look, some men will be forever associated with their trademark mo. From whimsical face furniture groomed into improbable shapes, to the more debonair classics, here’s a quick rundown of our all-time greats.


Top of the list, naturally, is the tash that was voted the most marvellous of all time. When you think mo, your mind’s eye inevitably conjures up the gravity-defying affair sported by this legendary surrealist painter – the man who single-handedly reinvented the moustache and made it a work of art in its own right. Apart from him and Captain Hook, not many real men wander about with their whiskers pointing upwards.


He was silent on screen but the moustache said it all.

Hollywood’s best-loved hobo made the toothbrush tash his own.

Chosen for comic effect, this short, straight, bushy strip was the ultimate send-up of the swaggering movie star moustache. More slapstick than macho, it was as much a part of his act as the cane and oversized shoes. Nowadays more commonly found as a stick-on accessory in joke shops than on New York runways.


The suave and sophisticated pencil moustache was all the rage in the 1930s. The mark of a great seducer, winking from above the lip it looks just a wee bit cheeky. When you see a pencil moustache in a musical you know you’re looking at a man’s man. And he’s got class.


When you’re locked up in the lab all day you have more important things to worry about than your whiskers. Your tash gets long and overgrown, and your hair sticks out at all angles. To pull this look off you need a pretty good excuse, like you’re busy saving the world.


Also known as the trucker tash, the go-big-or-go-home chevron became the trademark of a generation in the early eighties. The chevron moustache wants to live forever as the type of thing you wear on stage with a jumpsuit to rock the crowd with a falsetto kind of magic.

This bushy beauty hasn’t quite bitten the dust…


It was the late sixties, and the moment the Fab Four appeared in matching mos, everyone wanted one. After all, the group claimed to be bigger than the son of the creator himself (who come to think of it, had a pretty nice tash too). All you need is… hair, apparently.


A moustache is a high maintenance relationship.

If you decide to grow one you’ll need to keep it groomed. Let it slide during a long flight and you’ll disembark at the other end with a scruffy disappointment on your hands.

But if you can commit to a good grooming regime, your moustache will make you look suave, sexy and sophisticated. Put in the time every other day and you’ll be able to keep it looking trim without a hair out of place.

Before you dive in, take a long, hard look at yourself: get to know your face, see how your hairs grow, and figure out what kind of moustache you can pull off without too much hassle. Check out our blog for tips and advice.

Just a heads-up: the best time to experiment is while you’re away on holiday. That’ll buy you a few days to try out a moustache. Watch to see the areas where your hair grows best and where it’s a bit patchy, and pick your style of moustache accordingly. Once you’ve made your decision, use a razor to define the shape of your moustache. You’ll find our precision blade #5 razor just the ticket!