« Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!» «BOOM ! »

Ah, the sweet sound of your alarm followed by your heavy hand hitting it off the nightstand, and moreover away from your dormant eardrum! You hear it each morning, and on Mondays you can sometimes hear it up to ten times per day. Somehow, you’re still late, in a rushed, stressed and as usual, ready to go back to bed.

Stop it this second!

We’re here to help you gain time in the morning and just feel better all around. You may not immediately rise at 5 AM to complete 3 jogging circuits and 15 sets of crunches, but hey, at least you’ll have the option of putting a couple extra minutes into your overall well-being.


“It’s 10 PM, go to bed this instant… And no reading, young man!” 

Are you also traumatized by this doom-inducing phrase uttered to you one too many times throughout your childhood? Don’t panic, we’re not here to remind you of that time you wet the bed in your new superhero pajamas… actually, forget we ever mentioned that. We will however give you some tried-and-tested tips for which habits you could do very well without when it comes to getting your handsome self ready to snag some beauty sleep.

Like what you ask? Well, let’s start with coffee, tea and alcohol AND DON’T STOP READING:  you can still have them, just hear us out. These arguably delicious drinks happen to be quite the uppers, an destabilize your internal system. Keep them close for when you wakeup… erm, likely not the alcohol, but the tea and coffee are a good go-to. Of course, you’re the only one who can determine which wakeup weapon works best for you.

Sport helps. It*s a great habit to have in general, but we don’t advise that you go all Sporty Spice close to bedtime. Why, you ask? Elementary, my dears! When you get ready for bed, your body temperate lowers itself. By doing exercise, you are reheating your organism, which pushes back the natural feeling of falling asleep. Try to leave about a two hour window between working out and going to bed.


You’ve heard it before: no screens before sleeping (not even for reading compelling articles on BIC SHAVE CLUB’s Sharp Guy blog). We’re not trying to preach, but only to share the wisdom we have acquired thus far. But why can’t I sleep when Ive closed off all the lights and just want to check my messages? Basically, when luminosity disappears, our bodies produce the hormone called melatonin (also known as the sleep hormone). Enter your sacred smartphone screen : blam, your eyes are flooded with light and that marvelous melatonine ceases to be produced. Moral of the story: turn off your smartphone 30 minutes before hitting the hay if you want to have an easier time falling asleep.  Instead of Instagram stories, opt for a new novel (or a trashy magazine will do, too.)



Like all changes, slow and steady is the best strategy. Take things step by step, and don’t go from an 830 AM wakeup to a 5 AM get up and go. Firstly, the coffee shops aren’t even open at that hour, and secondly, you likely won’t last very long.

Begin by bumping up your wakeup by 10 minutes each day over a three day period. Continue in the way until you have reached your ideal wakeup time! Going slowly is the best way to get where you want to go, and to stay there.

WARNING: be sure to keep up your morning routine (more or less) on the weekend. Those slow Saturday and Sunday sleepins, albeit their delightful nature, risk ruining your efforts. And hey, look at the bright side: at least you will have more time to enjoy spare time over the weekend.



Do you know how many hours of sleep you personally and truly need in order to feel good in the morning? If not, carry out a small test over a one week period by writing down how you feel when you wake up each morning.  Without paying too much attention to small details, estimate how many hours you need to feel relaxed in the morning. Generally speaking, humans need about 8 hours in the sack for a good night’s sleep. Once you’ve estimated how many you specifically need, adapt the hour you get into bed accordingly, until you feel a higher level of relaxation when you wake up. Oh, and stick to it or the effects wont last.



Are you into yoga? There is nothing better to help you feel relaxed. Feel like revving up your inner engine? A morning run is a smart strategy — preferably with the Rocky Balboa soundtrack blaring in your ears. Get ready to feel like the strongest and most powerful man alive, and go carpe that diem!

Or, try writing. The morning is an ideal time for putting your thoughts onto paper.

Before all else, remember to take time for yourself. Chill out on the sofa, prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast — forget anything in a box or vacuum-sealed package. Listen to the radio, and take care of your body, whether with exercise or simply by taking extra good care of your facial hair, you handsome fellow, you!  And, know that you can count on your BIC SHAVE CLUB SHAVE BOX to make mornings a lot less stressful without an ounce of extra effort.