Yep, you read it right… the holidays are just around the corner ! In less than 2 weeks, it’s Christmas!

Joy, love, family, food and the good old art of gifting… what’s not to love? As the old adage goes, there is nothing quite like the gift of giving! And, as our gift to you, we’re going to help you master the age-old art of showing appreciation for your loved ones without adding any extra effort.

The quintessentiel question remains throughout each season: how does one find the perfect gift? Picking out the perfect parcel for that particular person can be quite the challenge — not to mention finding the time to actually get it done! And once you find that perfect gift idea, the chances that it isn’t sold out by the time you arrive to make the purchase might not be stacked in your favour…. oh the headache, oh the horror! Stop. Relax. It’s the SHARP GUY to the rescue!

Read ahead to benefit from BICSHAVECLUB.COM’s ultimate gift guide for giving gents.



Of all the golden nuggets of advice we could muster, consider this your go-to rule of thumb. Our biggest seasonal misstep tends to be piling a Santa sack of stress onto ourselves for no apparent reason: thoughts like ‘it is too late to come up with a good idea’ or ‘it is too late to get to the store’ or even it’s too late to order online’ will get you nowhere faster. Save your stress for when you get to the store and the gift you want is out of stock, and you have to do circuits around town to locate another. Or, if you dared to order online, put the panic away until your parcel doesn’t arrive the day before Christmas…

Well guess what? This year will be different. You’re way ahead of the game reading articles from BICSHAVECLUB.COM on how you can improve your gifting game. So, you’re really not late at all… in fact, you’re early!



Who gets what? How much to spend? Decide before you leave the house.

It’s a common practice to begin planning out our gifts only once we’ve arrived to the mall — beware, this is a trap that can send you running for the hills faster than  you can say HO-HO-HO…

When we don’t have a clear notion of which item(s) we’re trying to find, it is easy to lose track of time, and moreover our budgets. Being faced with the fear of finding nothing, it is a common practice to purchase the last decent thing in front of us rather than prolonging the painful mission.

So, make time to make yourself a list that you will check not once, but twice before taking your credit card for its annual holiday workout. Who gets a gift? Now, the hard part: who gets what?

Once your list is complete, you’ll be able to estimate the budget you’ll need to execute it. Now, you can go about your holiday shopping in total control.



If you properly followed the section above, there’s no doubt that you’re in time to go gift shopping! If not, you may want to send yourself this blog post and keep it on hand for Christmas 2018…. or better yet, summer 2018 so this does not reoccur! You know what they say: you live, you learn!

Now, for you good fellows who did do your homework: select a smart time to do your shopping. We prefer doing it all online, but if you’re an old fashioned sort of chap seeking a tangible holiday shopping experience, then we’ll let you enjoy 🙂

Do note that weekends tend to be busiest, so you may want to prioritize shopping during the week if you can find even the tiniest bit of time. If you’re not ready to take a day off to get it done, lunch hours (or multiple lunch hours) are prime shopping time. And, like everything else in life, shopping is always more fun with a sandwich in your hand!



Remember that you are actually getting gifts for people you know and love, and who know and love you! Why not count on them for gift advice like you can count on them in daily life? Speak amongst yourselves freely and express your likes and dislikes. In addition to ensuring everyone gets what (or close to) what they wanted, it will also prevent people from doubling up on the same gift.