¨3-2-1… Haaaaaaapppy New Year!¨  Cheers to health, happiness and all that good stuff that goes along with it.

Each year it’s the same old song and dance: say Happy New Year, make critical resolutions that will ensure the year is better than the last, give up resolutions and save them for, oh… well, next year sounds good, right? You know how the old adage DOESN’T go: the 100Th time is NOT a charm…. wake up mate, you might not be as keen on integrating that run into your schedule when you’re walking with a cane… But alas, we digress. Let’s get back to the business of keeping resolutions before it’s 2019!

Now, things could really be different if we simply stopped repeating the same behaviours! The late, great Albert Einstein once said: If you keep trying the same thing and expect different results, you may be crazy.”  The current, great BIC SHAVE CLUB mascot once said, If you keep trying the same thing and expect different results, you may be…. lazy.” Fret not mates, we are not here to judge. Quite on the contrary, lads: we are here to help you keep this year’s resolutions, so you can take yet another step toward being the best bloke you can be. We know you’ve got it in you, and we know you know it too. Sometimes, it is just a matter of thinking about things differently.


1/ Be a Realist

If your resolution was to take a trip to Mars, you might want to amend it to something like ‘go to space camp.’ Realistically, this means that you need to set achievable objectives. Rome wasn’t built a day, people, and neither will your astronaut career… but, like Neil Armstrong showed us all, small steps amount to great leaps when you add them all together. Although you may not succeed in defying gravity in 2018, you could begin taking anti-gravity lessons and prepare yourself for the opportunity should it arrive. We believe in you, mate, so do aim for the moon, but be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself, which is the number one cause of abandoning resolutions in the first place.


2/ Apply Wisdom

Ask yourself the hard questions. Which lifestyle changes could help to bring you closer to your goals? What are your biggest limitations? How could you overcome them? Be careful not to be a sheep and follow the herd’s generic resolutions. Quitting smoking, losing weight and cutting out gluten look lovely on paper… but do you really want to? Choose resolutions for yourself, not for anyone else. And, if you don’t feel like sharing them in your Facebook status and keeping them to yourself, do it. Resolutions are designed to benefit your life, and nobody else’s!


3/ Make a List, Check it More than Twice

And, we mean written list, mates! Avoid using productivity applications on your phone, as you will likely abandon them once you’ve input your information. Try kicking it old school with a good old Bic pen and paper that you can keep for easy access in your pocket, or store is somewhere where you will see it on a daily basis: your refrigerator door, your bathroom mirror or even on your pillow! Another useful piece of advice is taking care not to overload your list with lofty aspirations. Select a reasonable number of realistic goals (if you need a reality check, scroll up for what ‘realistic’ really means!). An inflated list will only discourage you from tackling tasks, so keep it leaner than your lunch, mate! In general, 3 goals tend to be the magic number for many.


4/ The Devil is in the Details

If your master goal plan is to lose 10 kilos, you had better define your road map before you set off! The key to maintaining resolutions is to accompany them with a detailed plan. In this specific case of losing weight, for example, you could schedule fitness sessions throughout your week (friendly reminder: scheduling plans and sticking to them are two different things, you aren’t done just yet!). The more details you can determine ahead of time, the better your chance of staying on track. This said, you could also plan your meals, snacks and rest days (we all need something to look forward to!).

Another tip lies in sharing your goal with your nearest and dearest, which will help in making your plan feel more official and in holding you accountable for your commitment. When you make a promise to someone close to you, it is often easier to keep that one you may have made only to yourself. Funny how the world works, isn’t it?


5/ Big Effort, Big Reward

Don’t start off being overly strict with yourself. If you miss a fitness session or a kilo of your favourite curry accidentally lands in your mouth (entirely possible), don’t beat yourself up. Dust yourself (and those fried onion crumbs) off and get back on the path, which is still happy to have you! Conversely, when you hit a milestone along your path, it is important to reward yourself. Take yourself to dinner or the movies, and give yourself a good old pat on the back. Although the road to your resolution might be long, it can certainly be pleasant with the right attitude and insight.


Do let us know how you’re going! And, if you need a little encouragement, we’ll be your friend for free.