February 14th. The day of love and lovers is upon us! And, like every other year, you may find yourself frantically searching for hints on how to plan the perfect evening for your significant other. If you’re looking to impress that someone special, but are not quite sure how, we advise you to read on… 

In honour of this special occasion, BIC SHAVE CLUB surveyed 2000 British women* to find out how they really feel about facial hair, but perhaps just haven’t had the heart to tell you about.

We won’t bombard you with the hairy details, but the proof is in the pudding:

Almost half (45%) of respondents revealed that they dislike the feeling of facial hair on a man when they kiss them, and more than a quarter claimed that it’s a dating deal breaker! Moreover, more than a third (33%) reported they’d like to see all men getting clean shaven this Valentine’s Day as a treat for women, while another third reported that a clean shaven face would help make the best Valentine’s Day kiss.

Ready for the razor? We’ve got your back (face, chin, neck, legs…) covered; however, you’ll have to tend to the romantic details on your own!


1/ The V-Day Dinner Classic

Sure, dinner is a classic Valentine’s Day affair, but it’s an occasion on which you can certainly get creative. Begin by asking your partner whether they prefer to eat in, or go out.

If you opt for a restaurant, don’t waste time making a reservation, since tables tend to fill up fast around this romantic time of year.  Getting the best table in their favourite restaurant is always a good idea, but trying out something new that you know has got them curious is always a lovely surprise. Our free advice for the day is: choose something that your partner likes, and not something you have secretly been wanting to try all along. Partners have a tendency of seeing right through your facade, and today is not the day you want to gamble on being busted for prioritizing your palette over your partners…

If your partner prefers to stay in for a romantic meal at home, be sure you know how to cook! If you do not, order something quickly and focus on decor and table settings.

2/ Look after the little things 

This is a prime occasion for spoiling your partner with gifts! Now, remember, gifting does not mean breaking the bank; however, showing your partner that you picked up on little subtleties goes a long way. Although you are the only one who can determine what your partner really wants, a good idea can be to give them a few little gifts that are meaningful rather than one big one.


3/ Stay focused

We all have a tendency to sometimes get distracted during a meal. Follow the golden rule and put your mobile phone away before you even step foot in the restaurant.  You should put aside your daily woes troubles — save those for a night home on the couch, not a romantic evening! Make the night specifically about the two of you, your couple and your love! Discuss future projects or plans together rather than issues you are having at work.

And, don’t forget to shave!