What style of facial hair is right for you?

It’s hard to keep up with fashion. Remember the days when a respectable gent wouldn’t be caught dead with a five o’clock shadow? Then luxuriant beards began to spring up on every street corner. Much has changed for men today, but luckily a few age-old rules of thumb have stayed the same. And rule number one is be yourself. Go clean shaven if it works for you, or brandish a beard or tash that reflects your personality. Within reason of course – you don’t want to look a complete wally down the pub.

Clean shaven

If it feels good, do it! You know best whether a smooth shave leaves you feeling fresh, clean and well groomed. It’s a personal choice. But there are your nearest and dearest to think about. If you have kids, you know the novelty of scratchy stubble soon wears off. Your other half will be quick to chime in too. Let’s be honest: even your boss probably has an opinion on your facial hair. If you do commit to the clean shaven look, be careful to keep that five o’clock shadow in check.There’s not much room for slacking off here, and no place to hide sloppy grooming. We recommend our 5-blade precision razor to get your shaving routine up to speed.

Apparently clean shaven and less hairy males are more attractive. But again, it’s a question of taste!


A moustache is a stylish starting point if you want to move away from a clean shaven look. Whiskers can make a baby face appear more manly and add on a welcome few years. But before you take the leap, remember that a moustache needs to be immaculately maintained with a good razor. You’ll need to trim the outline and carefully shave the rest of your face. Play it safe and stick with the current trend for a low-key tash rather than committing to a high-maintenance showstopper, because if you’re the type of bloke who’s always running out the door in the morning, that’s a faff you could do without.

Stubble beard

A stubble beard is a lot more work than it looks. You can’t just sit back and wait for sexy stubble to sprout. It takes a decent razor and a fair amount of upkeep. You’ll need to define the shape of your beard. And another non-negotiable: a meticulously shaved neck and cheeks, from the tops of the ears to the corners of the lips. Again, if you’re king of the last minute and like to look dapper stepping out the door, this look is probably too fussy for you.


Big bushy beards aren’t as hip as they used to be. Now that they’re sprouting like weeds everywhere you go, they’ve lost their rarity appeal. Still, nothing says artsy rebel or on fleek creative like a beard, so if you’re blessed with fast-growing facial hair, why not give it a go? On the other hand, if your growth is patchy at best, give this one a miss.

A handsome beard is high maintenance. You’ll need to thin it to shape, and pluck stray hairs. Plus you’ll still need to shave your neck and cheeks. So if you think you’ll be getting away with not shaving, think again: a beard is definitely not the easy option. If you don’t put in the work, you’ll quickly cross into crazy hermit territory.

Keep your beard clean or it will turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. And a word of caution if you’re of a certain vintage: go impeccably groomed or go home. It’s even harder to pull off the cool dude look if you’re knocking on a bit.

Permanent scruff

Um, no. Try as we might, we just can’t get behind the dishevelled look. Although saying that, we don’t see any harm in giving your beard the weekend off.