Why do we comb our hair? To get out the tangles, obviously, as well as to air the scalp and blow the proverbial cobwebs away. A comb comes in handy for clearing your whiskers of dust, dirt and dead hair.From rakes and teasing combs to afro picks —  they come in all shapes, sizes and with various types of teeth. So here it is: our guide to the humble comb!


Not so much a cool tool, a comb is an unsexy knick-knack you keep buried in a drawer. Inevitably it gets dragged out to go through the motions of your morning grooming routine before being flung back amongst other odds and ends. Can you think of a less exciting gift? This said, we all seem to have a mate who has been using free hotel combs for years now.

If you want your hair to look halfway decent, you will absolutely need a good comb. Don’t expect miracles: a wave of a comb won’t magically fix your unruly cowlick or overgrown crew cut. But we’ll tell you from experience: it’s a good place to start.

Without making you want to pull your hair out, we’ll also here point out that there’s a comb for every hair type.  Combs are also ideal for evenly distributing treatment lotions and oils. Combing has a nourishing effect as it massages the scalp, which helps distribute sebum along the whole length of the hairs, and stimulates blood circulation..

The secret’s in the teeth!

Got fine, flyaway hair? You’ll need to go through it with a fine-toothed comb.

To detangle damp hair – or a thick, curly mane – use a wide-toothed comb that can grab larger sections of hair. How long should those teeth be? No need to overthink this one: short teeth work best on short, fine hair, while long teeth are suited to long, thick locks. Keep it simple by using a one-size-fits-all pocket comb that comes with fine teeth at one end and wide teeth at the other.

Material matters

If you’re high-maintenance kind of guy, carry a pocket-sized comb with you to keep stray hairs in place. What your comb is made of is a matter of personal taste. Bear in mind it can be a funky design and made of nice material. Personally I can’t resist the natural beauty of horn.

If you have static hair, avoid combs made from synthetic materials (unless you think hairball is a good look for you).

Now there’s no excuse for not looking perfectly groomed!

And remember, boys: don’t share your combs. That’s just nasty.