Facial Hair to Flatter Your Face Shape

We believe your facial hair can be matched to suit your face shape – and here’s the style guide to prove it! A different shape of tash or beard can really change your appearance and how people see you. The first step is to figure out your face shape, then you can work out what you want to emphasise. Draw attention to your best feature: it might be your eyes, lips or chin. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry: the answer is written all over your face.

Round face

If you’re young and have a round face, a bit of face furniture might do you a favour. The roughness will add texture to that cherubic roundness isn’t so in-your-face.

You can lengthen the appearance of your face with a little carefully groomed stubble – but keep the cheeks and neck clean-shaven.

Another option is to sport a modest moustache on an otherwise clean-shaven face. This will instantly add a light-hearted, likeable vibe.

A word of caution: if you’re overweight andthe wrong side of the hill, it’s a bit trickier.

A full, bushy beard will make your face seem rounder than ever so it’s a total no-go. Sport a bad beard, and you may end up being taken for a bear with weight issues. You have been warned.

In some cases it’s better to just shave the whole thing off.

Square face

The good news is you have the classic Hollywood face shape!

The bad news is you’re limited in the facial hair styles you can get away with. If you’re tempted to go for a bit of beard, the main aim should be to soften the angularity of your face. That bad boy needs his edges rounded off a bit.

Rule 1: Don’t let any hair grow on your cheeks. Or you’ll be frightening children and old ladies as you walk down the road.

Rule 2: Experiment with a bit of beard on your chin, or a little tash, but keep it modest so your face doesn’t end up looking bigger.

Rule 3: Stay on top of your grooming. The angularity of your face will highlight any irregularities mercilessly.

Our advice: definitely no bit beards!

Oblong face

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you already know too much hair will make your face look even longer. If in doubt, play it safe and stay clean shaven.
If you can’t resist a bit of beard, make sure it doesn’t cover up your chin or you’ll end up with a face as long as a wet week. Whatever shape you go for, keep it short and sweet!

Oval face

Count yourself lucky! You can pull off almost any style: clean-shaven Casanova, stubble-bearded stud, or a god in a goatee! Stay on top of the grooming, look after your skin, and the rest will take care of itself. Just don’t let your goatee get too long because the extra length would throw your face off kilter.

If your hair growth is patchy, steer clear of beards rather than setting yourself up for disappointment.

And a word of caution for the mature gent: keep it short and sweet, or you’ll end up looking like everyone’s favourite grandpa.

Triangular face

Our top tip would be to keep it clean on the chin. And we mean squeaky clean.

If you do insist on a bit of beard, use it to add volume to your cheeks. Sideburns are another option to balance out your face – but they’re risky. There’s a fair bit of upkeep involved, and you need courage to pull off muttonchops. So if you don’t feel brave enough to channel your inner Elvis, your best bet is to stay clean shaven. My hairstylist also suggests  trying to create some volume over the forehead and the ears.

Diamond-shaped face

Your face is a vision of harmony! You have nothing to hide, and no need for facial hair to balance out your features. The easiest option is clean shaven. You’ll also look good with a nice, even short beard, or you could go for a little goatee. Steer well clear of anything too long though, or you’ll lose all that lovely balance you were born with.

Take a long, hard look at yourself

Use your nous and think about what is for you. Be realistic: are you hairy enough to grow a big, bushy beard? Too young or too old for that tash? And you may want to listen to the feedback of your nearest and dearest…? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks – you can always shave it off. Hair today, gone tomorrow!