Alright, it’s about time we touch on the topic that ruffles all of our feathers…

Sure, we’re all keen on the excitement surrounding finding a new flat, but there is just one small snag that none of us can seem to get past: the act of moving itself.

Boxes, unfindable friends, the moving truck that absolutely doesn’t fit down your alley…. in a nutshell, moving is just madness. True and utter madness.

If you’re moving in the near future, or even if you’re not, these tips will take you to a calmer and (hopefully) more successful place of departure.



Start small, of course. Because once you’re in your new flat, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the little things you need to think about and do.

Small tip, if you don’t want to land up in total darkness because the previous owners cut their electricity before you had a chance to set up your own, take special care to consider taking key administrative steps like the following before you set off on your way.

  • Give some thought to things you might have left out when popping champagne over finding the flat of your dreams, like your internet box, the post office for tracking parcels, taxes and even that pesky thing called insurance;
  • Make a to-do list outlining your daily tasks one by one in order to make the total chaos you find yourself in more manageable;
  • Pro Tip: Warn all of your friends. And, this certainly entails sharing more details than date of your housewarming party; but, rather that they had better all reserve their weekends to lend a hand on your specific moving day. If you warn them 3 days beforehand, count on receiving all sorts of creative excuses for why they just can’ make it. And, remember, just because you can’t get mad at friends for having made plans 3 days before you move, you certainly can ring them out for it with fair enough warning!


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Like your darling mother told you, you’d get a lot farther in life if your room was well organized. We’re all guilty of holding onto things we don’t need, but it’s wise to get rid of them before allotting them precious cardboard box real estate. Find solace in the sense that less to pack means less to unpack.

So, try not to be so sentimental about your broken snow globe, and start a box of things you’ll throw out or donate BEFORE you move. And hey, if you arrive with less, you’re new man cave will only seem that much more spacious!


No, this isn’t the title of a retirement home for seniors, but rather two qualities you need to learn and implement if you’re going to survive the moving process.

Do organize your boxes by category.

Arrange items from the den with items from the fen, then the kitchen, then the bedroom etc. Clearly mark each box to indicate which room it came from or is designated for in your new flat. Finally, be sure to mark boxes containing breakables as ‘fragile,’ our you find that much more than your dreams of finding a time machine on moving day will be shattered.

Don’t wait until the last minute to find boxes. 

You can find moving boxes easily by strolling through the supermarkets in your neighbourhood. Most vendors will be delighted to unload their used boxes on you, so visit as many bulk businesses as you can to ensure minimal spending for a maximum number of boxes. Be sure to think about various sizes, because it is quite difficult to pack coffee cups and crystal into a 2-meter cubed carton without watching them break. Conversely, you probably wouldn’t be wise to pack a 2-meter cubed carton to the brim with textbooks either…

Think ahead.

Although you’ve been thinking without end about the magnets you’ll be putting on your fridge once it arrives to the new flat, its unlikely you gave much thought to the fridge itself. News Flash: unplugging your fridge means its contents will no longer be kept cold, which means melting.  Think about cutting its electrical current a couple days before you move to avoid creating a swimming pool in your rented moving truck. If possible, try to transport it in an upright position.

Well, if there’s one more genius tip we can leave you with for not losing your marbles over moving, it’s this: hire a moving company. But, if you choose this option its because you can afford it, which brings us to our next question: if you can afford it, why the heck did you take your time to read this article to the end? Weirdo.