Is there really a beard or shave style that suits your specific face shape? You’re in luck, mate: the answer is 100% yes! A clean shave, or even a carefully cared for moustache or beard can certainly enhance your appearance, in addition to h0w others may tend perceive you.

A smart shave can highlight your gaze, soften your chin or draw attention to a specific feature, like your lips. In order to achieve the perfect face, its first essential to understand exactly which styles compliment your unique face shape. And, like everything in life, not everything goes as well together as peanut butter and jelly. Fret not dear friend, we’re here to help.


If you’re a younger lad with a relatively round face, it can be wise to leave a little stubble on your face. Leaving a few hairs to graze the skin helps reduce the appearance of an overly round face, giving it depth and dimension.

A first option is to let a little beard grow (aiming for a good ole 5’oclock shadow that stays around the clock). The trick here in keeping a clean look is in how you take care of that little beard – this means, daily maintenance of the hairs alongside its outline, including the cheek and neck area.

Another possibility is to shave the entire face, leaving a little moustache to decorate your lip. This look is a winner for those wishing to add character to their overall look, often infusing the face with a funny and friendly feel.

If you have more than just a little fuzz, beware! Full beards tend to give the face an equally full look  — unless you want to look like an unkempt bear, it is essential to give it constant love and care. Our recommendation? Shave. It. Off!


First, the good news: you have the face of a classic Hollywood star! Autograph?

The less good news is that your face shape may not mesh with the shaving style you (or your partner) are dreaming about.  If you’ve decided to keep a beard, aim to ensure that the angular aspects of your face are not highlighted by its contour. Your steel and sultry look needs a little softness for us to handle, OK?

Rule n°1 : never let any hair grow along your cheeks. You have been warned, and risk frighting your friends now at your own risk.

Rule n°2 : try out a little bit of beard on the chin, our test out a subtle ‘tache. Remember, angles are the enemy here so keep yours soft and subdued.

Rule n°3 : always keep stubble far from view — this will only play up your angles more.

Our recommendation?  : avoid the bearded look at all costs.


By jove, you’ve got it: a long face tends not to fare well against long facial hair, which only makes it look longer. When in doubt, opt for a completely clean shaven look. If you insist on having a little bit of beard, absolutely avoid covering the chin, which will only elongate the face even more. And in any and all cases, a short and shorter beard are your only options.


You are amongst the lucky ones! Clean shaven, twisty ‘tache, 5 o’clock shadow, good ole goatee — it all looks magnificent on you, mate! Like the rest of strapping men, you’ll still need to groom and take care of your skin.

If you’re not the furriest of fellows, you may want to refrain from experimental with beard styles, since sparcity of hair are easily noticed on such a handsome mug.


Your golden rule: nothing on the bottom. We repeat, do not sport facial hair on your lower face. No. Lower. Facial hair! Capiche?

Your best ally and aim, should you still yearn for having some hair, is to create volume around the cheeks or sideburns in order to better balance your face. This is risky for various reasons, in addition to requiring courage and constant upkeep. The chances of looking like you just walked out of a 1970’s music video also run quite high. One of our favourite club members one tried adding volume around his forehead and ears (we’ll spare you the time and trouble he invested in the challenge by telling you that he failed quite miserably…  😉