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Here’s what you shouldn’t be talking about at work. 

The holidays are behind us, and you’ve already wished your colleagues a Happy New Year 2019. After all the holiday photo sharing and storytelling about your crazy mother in law’s escapades around the table this year has been done, conversation around the water cooler may suddenly seem boring and bleak. Needless to say, winter weather [...]

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Some Advice on Blades to Begin!

Us men can be quite the curious of beasts! The first hair falls and its a catastrophe; a wrinkle appears above the eyebrow, and we're shouting about that it's just all over! All of this considered, when it comes to shaving and razor blades, we have somehow remained quite the cavemen. Firstly, we have somehow acquired the [...]

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Find Your Style

Facial Hair to Flatter Your Face Shape We believe your facial hair can be matched to suit your face shape – and here's the style guide to prove it! A different shape of tash or beard can really change your appearance and how people see you. The first step is to figure out your face [...]

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Make Manic Mornings a Thing of the Past

« Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!» «BOOM ! » Ah, the sweet sound of your alarm followed by your heavy hand hitting it off the nightstand, and moreover away from your dormant eardrum! You hear it each morning, and on Mondays you can sometimes hear it up to ten times per day. Somehow, you're still late, [...]

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