As the refillable razor subscription service arrives in the UK, grooming expert The Chic Geek reveals the future is all about facial recognition and ‘the monkey tail’…

Key findings:

  • 1 in 4 British men will opt for the clean-shaven look in 2018 and almost 30% spend more time on facial grooming than head hair
  • The average British male spends £2.99 per week and 5 minutes 31 seconds per day styling their facial hair
  • David Beckham voted as having the most stylish facial hair, whilst Obi Wan Kenobi deemed as having the most memorable
  • Men in the West Midlands spend both the most time and money on facial grooming compared to any other region in the UK
  • 1 in 10 Londoners want the handlebar moustache to come back in fashion next year
  • Marcus Jaye, ‘The Chic Geek’, predicts the future facial grooming industry will embrace technology and facial recognition devices

Today, BIC SHAVE CLUB – the subscription service delivering refillable razors directly to your door launching in the UK today – reveals what male grooming will look like in future.

Be it hipster beards or handlebar moustaches, BIC SHAVE CLUB surveyed 2,000 British men to uncover their preferences and behaviour when it comes to facial hair grooming. The research finds the days of full-on facial fuzz are soon to be behind us, with 1 in 4 British men choosing clean-shaven as the look to go for next year. What’s more, facial grooming and style is evidently becoming much more important to the British male, with 28% admitting to spending more time on their facial hair compared to any other kind of grooming, including styling the hair on their head, body shaving and moisturising.

The findings come as BIC SHAVE CLUB launches today in the UK, a brand new subscription-based service of non-disposable, refillable razors for men. Allowing the consumer to receive fresh blades delivered on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to meet their shaving needs, the ultra-performant razor and refill kit is available exclusively online, with a launch-exclusive trial offer available for a mere £2.95 on the 5-blade razor (instead of £8/month).

The evolution of male grooming

To celebrate the UK launch, BIC SHAVE CLUB partnered with leading grooming expert Marcus Jaye, AKA The Chic Geek, to predict what facial grooming will look like fifty years from now. The predictions,

including futuristic and unusual designs such as ‘the monkey tail’, were then styled on five models at Sharps Barbers to bring the designs to life.

In order to gaze into the future, Marcus analysed the trends of yesteryear, including the most notorious styles and designs of history including sensational sideburns in the 19th century, the ‘trench ‘tache’ from WWI and the wildness of the Swinging Sixties.

“The future will mark the combination of technology and grooming. In fifty years from now, in 2069, we could have facial recognition programs able to assess your face and give you the perfect facial hair style to suit your proportions. You’ll be able to mix, match and choose a style that is right for you” Marcus commented.

“Advances in technology will revolutionise the tools of the male grooming trade. Man has a history of engineering accomplishments, and soon this will be reflected in the facial hair of the future. From intricate geometric and fluid patterns to dead straight lines, almost anything will be achievable with millimetres of precision”.

An example of one of Marcus’ future gazing designs can be seen on the side. The full video can be viewed here.

Say goodbye to the full beard

With Tom Hardy, Leo Di Caprio and Conor McGregor all sporting bushy beards over the last year, the demise of facial hair may come as a surprise to some. However, according to the report, the professional, minimalistic and well-kept look is the trend for 2018.

The research reveals minimalist stubble is a popular choice for British men, coming in second place and proving Brits are opting to play it safe with their grooming next year. In third place came the full bushy beard, with just 5% opting for this trend in 2018, followed by extended sideburns and the goatee in joint fourth (4%).

Londoners remain the ‘edgiest’ and most daring, with almost 1 in 10 (8%) wishing the handlebar moustache trend would make a reappearance!

Whilst those in the capital are known for rocking their bold facial hairstyles, many may not immediately think of the Midlands as having carved out their own notorious style. However, the research reveals men in the West Midlands spend both the most time and money on facial grooming compared to any other region in the UK. While the average British male spends £2.99 per week and 5 minutes 31 seconds per day styling their facial hair, those in the West Midlands are spending £3.43 per week and 6 minutes 4 seconds per day.

Celebrity style inspiration

In addition, the research reveals the celebrities – past and present – whose facial hairstyles Briti

sh men are most envious of, therefore wishing to steal for themselves. Leading the pack is David Beckham, with 1 in 10 British men admitting to admiring the sport legend’s grooming style, followed by Johnny Depp in second place, Ryan Gosling in third and Justin Timberlake in fourth.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Clark Gable and Hulk Hogan, with which just 1% of the British male population, said they would like to emulate their facial hair.

There are also a number of well-known historical figures and characters that are instantly recognised for their ‘strong’ beards or memorable facial hairstyles. Proving the most popular with British men is Obi Wan Kenobi, with almost 1 in 5 British men choosing the character as having the most memorable beard. Superman came in second place with 18% of the vote, arguably the closest shaven of the list, followed by Che Guevara (9%) and Brian Blessed (6%).

Laurent Laforest, General Manager at BIC SHAVE CLUB commented:” British men are famous for challenging the status-quo in fashion and their facial hair styling is no different. That’s why we’re really excited to bring BIC SHAVE CLUB to the UK and provide British men with a hassle-free shaving experience with our affordable subscription service. Our research suggests that British men have fallen out of love with the beard and are moving towards a clean-shaven simplified look, BIC SHAVE CLUB is here to answer their call.”

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Editors Notes

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 men in the UK between 13th October 2017-24th October 2017.


BIC SHAVE CLUB proposes a subscription-based online offer of non-disposable, refillable razors for men. Allowing the consumer to receive fresh blades at home on a monthly or bimonthly basis, according to their particular shaving needs, the top-quality razors and refill kits are available from just £4.50 and £8 per month, for the 3-blade and 5-blade models respectively. Subscriptions to BIC SHAVE CLUB are risk and commitment-free, with the option to pause or cancel the service at any time and without repercussion. BIC SHAVE CLUB leverages the digital sphere of e-commerce with a direct-to-consumer offer that aims to simplify the superior shaving experience for an affordable price. For more information about BIC SHAVE CLUB, please visit