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Make Manic Mornings a Thing of the Past

« Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!» «BOOM ! » Ah, the sweet sound of your alarm followed by your heavy hand hitting it off the nightstand, and moreover away from your dormant eardrum! You hear it each morning, and on Mondays you can sometimes hear it up to ten times per day. Somehow, you're still late, [...]

13/05/2017|Feel Better, Non classé|0 Comments

What in the world is the wind chill factor?

For 10 days we’ve been watching temperatures dive with disbelief. The cold wave deemed “Moscow-Paris” is making its way through Europe, and this staggering glacial blast has everyone speaking about the Wind Chill factor. But what exactly is this so-called Wind Chill factor? Better yet, how can you protect yourself better from it? Don’t panic. [...]

06/03/2017|Feel Better|0 Comments