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It’s Christmas WHEN?! Here’s how to win at gifting this year.

Yep, you read it right… the holidays are just around the corner ! In less than 2 weeks, it’s Christmas! Joy, love, family, food and the good old art of gifting… what’s not to love? As the old adage goes, there is nothing quite like the gift of giving! And, as our gift to you, we're going [...]

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BIC SHAVE CLUB launches in the UK revealing the future of facial hair… and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the beard!

As the refillable razor subscription service arrives in the UK, grooming expert The Chic Geek reveals the future is all about facial recognition and ‘the monkey tail’... Key findings: 1 in 4 British men will opt for the clean-shaven look in 2018 and almost 30% spend more time on facial grooming than head hair The [...]

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Are you more of a tie or bowtie kind of guy?

Is there a wedding, declaration or ceremony on your handsome horizon? Each important event has its equally important dress code. For us men, this entails the age-old dilemma: erm.... does that mean tie or bow-tie? Alright, let's explore this subject with a little more attention to the differences between these two unassuming accessories that can [...]

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Grooming Dilemmas: What Style of Facial Hair is Right For You?

What style of facial hair is right for you? It’s hard to keep up with fashion. Remember the days when a respectable gent wouldn't be caught dead with a five o’clock shadow? Then luxuriant beards began to spring up on every street corner. Much has changed for men today, but luckily a few age-old rules [...]

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10 Bad Grooming Habits That Are Holding You Back

There’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up, checking yourself in the mirror and realising your grooming doesn’t pass muster. The devil is in the detail. We can’t all look like male models, but get your grooming in gear and you might just find you scrub up pretty well. Follow our dos and don’ts to [...]

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Find Your Style

Facial Hair to Flatter Your Face Shape We believe your facial hair can be matched to suit your face shape – and here's the style guide to prove it! A different shape of tash or beard can really change your appearance and how people see you. The first step is to figure out your face [...]

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Memorable Moustaches

It’s amazing how certain legendary 'tashes stick in the memory! Whether sporting a luxuriant bush or a pencil-thin line, carefully twirled handlebars or a droopy badass biker look, some men will be forever associated with their trademark mo. From whimsical face furniture groomed into improbable shapes, to the more debonair classics, here’s a quick rundown [...]

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