Is there a wedding, declaration or ceremony on your handsome horizon? Each important event has its equally important dress code. For us men, this entails the age-old dilemma: erm…. does that mean tie or bow-tie?

Alright, let’s explore this subject with a little more attention to the differences between these two unassuming accessories that can make or break the success of your super stylish outfit.

The tie remains a time-tested accessory for transforming even the shabbiest suit into dapper dress. Conversely, the bow-tie has made a magnificent come back into both our closets (or sock drawers) and moreover, our hearts. Historically reserved for ultra-stuffy soirées, the bow-tie has evolved into a widely sported item.

There are Times One Cannot Bid the Tie Goodbye

In your professional life, for example. Unless you’re aiming for a specific look, the tie lends itself perfectly to the office. Understated and elegant, the tie is your sidekick in daily life. You can certainly sport a bow-tie on the job, but do beware that doing so may make it ‘your thing.’

Thus, the tie remains more classic in its usage cases, but can also serve to satisfy the need to be original, like the bowtie does, if worn creatively: it’s all a question of pattern and texture.

Thanks to 1960’s pop culture and film references, stripy textured ties have made quite the glorious comeback. For a vintage touch, opt for a thin tie with a thick end. And, don’t forget the accessory that makes the most difference: the tie clip — go thin for a definitely dapper result.

Bold Bowtie for Big Impact

The bowtie has a more specific use than the tie — when worn, however, it gives you a real chance at chic.

It should here be noted that the bow-tie is typically reserved for larger events like gala dinners, or more commonly, weddings.

Like the tie, you can wear it casually, reinforcing your suave selection with a specific texture or motif.

For the more daring gents out there, the wooden bowtie has lately become quite the original fashion accessory. With an entirely natural and high-quality look (not to mention durable), its time to starting making good of wood in your wardrobe.

The question of tie versus bowtie often comes up around wedding season. Generally, the groom will delegate a dress code amongst the wedding party in order to coordinate with his own outfit. If you are in the wedding party and the groom tells you to wear a bowtie, there is no more question. Don’t mess with the groom, but alas, we digest… that is another topic entirely. Conversely, if it is YOUR wedding and you are the one hesitating to delegate amongst your wedding party, it’s a good rule to simply accord to your particular personality and preference, beyond just your attire. If you’re a classic kind of guy, say yes to a tie. Then again, if you’re touching down in a tux, go with a bowtie.


The last but not-so-little detail can make or break your neck — just kidding, your neck garment (apologies, that was just too easy to resist): the handkerchief. Consider pairing it with your neckwear pattern or colour to lock down your look.


Finally, whether your a tie or bowtie lover, don’t forget to your favourite BIC SHAVE CLUB razor to polish you to perfection for whatever the unforgettable occasion may be.