The ideal moment for shaving is after the shower: The heat and humidity conjured by the water render your softer and more elastic. You are now ready to begin shaving. If you can’t seem to see yourself in your fogged mirror, you are on the right track.  If you are short on time and cannot commit to a full body shower, carefully wash your face beforehand to remove skin impurities first for a better shave.


We can’t stress this one enough: it is essential to clean your skin before shaving in order to purify the skin. You can use a cleaning gel or mild exfoliant to do this properly. And, above all, try to steer clear of using the first soap you see around the sink in order to do this.


Gel allows for more control over your shaving gestures, as it is more transparent and sticky than foam. This said, it really is a matter of preference. Apply your cream or gel onto the skin, taking time to wait a few minutes once this has been done. Apply in a circular motion, beginning with the neck and massaging it in the opposite sense the hair is growing in: you should feel some light resistance. This simple gesture will help to remove your hairs and allow for a softer and more effective shave.

Avoid over applying your gel or foam. If you apply too much, your gestures will be less precise,and your shave will be more difficult. If your razor is convered with too much foam, it will adhere less to the skin. Between breakfast and leaving for work, it’s safe to say that every minute counts, so why waste time on something you dont need, like fighting with your razor?

Using a shave brush isn’t necessary in this day and age, as big brands offer shave gels and foam that give great coverage to the face.


The golden rule of shaving is it is essential to always shave in the direction of the hair. Don’t get excited, just yet:  there are other rules to follow, too if you want the achieve the perfect shave. Our hair does not all grow in the same direction. To begin, carry out a little exam using your hand to examine the general attributes of your facial hair. Pulling the skin taut to see more clearly, check out how much hair you have on your cheeks, neck and chin.


Hold your razor handle with one hand, using the other to gently pull your skin taut. If you have some trouble, making angry faces in the mirror is a fun and effective trick for boosting precision and comfort.

Start from the top of the face to gently descend down the cheeks. Next, attack the neck and chin areas, finishing with the more delicate area, which is right underneat the nose. Be careful, this will require some strategy on your part — we tend to be more prone to nicks and cuts around the neck and chin. You can add a little more gel or mousse as you go, and remember: shave WITH the grain.

If you are a perfectionist, you can repeat your shave a second time, reapplying your foam or gel before you begin again. In this case, you can shave AGAINST the grain, but beware: don’t do this more than once at the risk of aggravating your skin.

To sum up: it’s always better to shave with both hands. Begin with the sideburns, cheeks and then the neck. Next, finish off under the nose. Avoid large, imprecise gestures, relying on disciplined movements with a firmly held razor.


Once you have finished shaving, rinse yourself generously with cold water to sooth your skin. Dry off rigorously, without rubbing your face too much at the risk of looking like a tomato.

Our next tip is… you guessed it: hydrate, mate! Hydrated skin is happy skin, so get that glow on! So, don’t hesitate to splurge on a hydrating cream for applying specifically after you shave. Avoid anything too heavy or shiny, and don’t forget: never use alcohol!


It’s quite simple! You’ll know when you need to change blades when you need to apply more pressure to achieve an efficient shave.

To elaborate: if you shave more than 3 times per week, change blades weekly. You will enjoy a much more comfortable and efficient shave when using a fresh blade.

If you shave less frequently, you can stretch your blade to last a wee bit longer. This said, there is nothing better than fresh blades for boosting comfort and hygiene when you shave.

If you are someone with sensitive skin, changing blades frequently is a must. You’ll know it is time for a fresh blade when you have to apply extra pressure on the handle in order to get a good shave.


You know well enough that it is crucial to avoid repetitive shaving over irritated areas. In the case of nicks or cuts, disinfect your skin with a bit of cotton. And, if you need to, protect yourself from the air with a transparent plaster.

For ingrown hairs, it is best to begin by exfoliating the skin with a glove or gel in order to remove dead skin cells. We recommend integrating an exfoliating treatment once or twice per week to ensure soft skin that is free of trapped hairs. You’ll notice how the razor glides more easily over the skin if you stick to this routine.


We’d first like to thank you for choosing BIC SHAVE CLUB to accompany you on your first shaving experience. Take our advice to heart, we’re going on some good experience. Take a shower, shave with the grain and go gently. For pesky pimples, avoid forceful shaving with your new razor.


There is no manifesto that says you cannot shave directly after taking the sun. Without getting into the detail, it is the deepest layers of the skin that are responsible for giving you that sun-kissed glow. There is thus no risk of losing your suntan if you shave after acquiring it. Of course, if you have a sunburn, that is another story…


Tapping your razor on the side of the sink is counterproductive and not highly hygienic. It’s best to rinse your razor instead with hot water. This will quickly eliminate any leftover foam and any trapped hairs. Do be responsible with your water consumption, though: don’t get lost watching the water run. Refrain from drying your razor with a towel, but rather by letting it air out on its own. Store your razor in a dry place that is safely away from humidity. Be careful: razors are sharp, so be sure to keep them out of reach of children.