There’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up, checking yourself in the mirror and realising your grooming doesn’t pass muster. The devil is in the detail. We can’t all look like male models, but get your grooming in gear and you might just find you scrub up pretty well. Follow our dos and don’ts to curb your inner slob.

1. Get a handle on your hair

Calling all teens! It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for your hairstyle. Either you stick with that scruffy, unkempt mane, or you tidy up your act with a clean, contemporary cut that’s guaranteed to impress teachers and future bosses alike.

2. Sort out those sideburns

Wannabe rocker? You wish! It’s time to get with the programme – and stop hiding behind those scruffy sideburns. If you do want to hold onto a little length there to frame the face, do us a favour and keep them well-trimmed.

3. Make time for a man-icure

Grubby hands are a dead giveaway of a secret slob. To keep yourself looking groomed all the way to your fingertips, treat yourself to the occasional man-icure. Remove hard skin, push back the cuticles and trim those nails. We’ll let you off if you’ve been out labouring in the fields or fixing your car, but most people have no excuse.

4. Stop biting your nails

Easier said than done, in fairness. Next time you’re bored, anxious or nervous, look for a diversion. Instead of nibbling those nails or gnawing on your fingers, get yourself a fidget spinner, or try chewing sugarfree gum. Think about the image you’re projecting: habitual nailbiting makes you seem restless, agitated and not very in control. Is that really a good look?

5. A good day starts with good deodorant

Simply remembering to put on deodorant after you shower in the morning will ensure your day goes better. If you smell good you’re the kind of bloke people want to have around.

6. Clean up your facial hair

Even a stubble beard needs to be kept in check. Take Ben who’s sitting across from me right now: he hasn’t shaved in three weeks, and even though he’s a highly qualified engineer he looks like a guerrilla fighter straight out of the jungle. Whatever your preferences in terms of facial hair, good grooming is a must. Long or short, wispy or bushy, your whiskers should be kept neatly trimmed. A good rule of thumb for a beard is to not let it grow below the Adam’s apple.

7. Pluck unsightly hairs

Hair in all the right places is all well and good, but nose and ear hair is no-one’s idea of attractive. Get up close and personal with tweezers to tidy up unsightly orifices – and ask for help if you need it with the more delicate areas.

8. Keep an eye on those eyebrows

Well-groomed brows are an ace way to frame the face and the ladies are way ahead of us here! If your brows look like someone’s thrown a game of pick-up sticks over your face, it’s time to do some tidying up! Comb them in the direction of growth and carefully pluck any stray hairs. Be careful not to over-do it though!

9. Dazzle with your smile

Don’t underestimate the power of your pearly whites to make an impression. As every cheesy B-list celeb knows, a dazzling smile is a foolproof way to come across as squeaky clean – and younger looking. Brush your teeth daily and use a good quality toothpaste. Smokers and coffee addicts might need a little help from their dentist to correct serious yellowing.

10. Check your chest hair

If you’ve been naturally blessed with a hairy chest and you like to leave that second or third button of your shirt open, grab a scissors and trim any excess hair that’s spilling out of your collar. You’ll look instantly clean cut, we promise!

And one more for the road…

11. Banish bad breath

No-one likes to think they have bad breath. But at least you can do something about it. Stinky foods are an obvious culprit, so watch what you eat. You can also arm yourself with breath mints to keep dragon breath at bay. You’ll feel fresher, and everyone around you will breathe a sigh of relief.

And there you have it, son. Follow our tips and you’ll get your grooming up to scratch in no time.